Petrol Pump Failure.

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Petrol Pump Failure.

Post by westendguzzi » Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:54 pm

Last Sunday, as it was a bright crisp morning, I decided to go to the Great North Road Classic gathering being held at Connington Airfield, not far from me.
Once on the road, I needed to keep the choke pulled out a little (PHF36 carbs) as there was a bit of spitting. 1/2 mile out out there was a definite loss of power. 3/4 mile and total loss. Coasted into parking bay near houses.
Bonnet off, removed petrol feed pipe from bottom fed swill tank to reveal no liquid. Nothing. Switch ign on, no fuel coming from supply pipe. No sound coming from pump, check fuses, all ok.
The possibility of jacking the lovely gal up to check for physical damage underneath was a little daunting.
Luckily, out popped from one of the houses a fellow that I know from 35 years back. Chatted on about Iso Grifos, don't know why, but he did have a Jeep parked in his drive with tow hitch. With no more delay, he towed me back home with the tow rope that I had stowed under the bonnet.
Back in the workshop and safely raised, removing the old pump proved difficult. I had made the mistake in the build stake of bolting the pump to the vertical face of the tunnel. Two people required to hold the spanners. Last resort was the angle grinder to take the button heads off the bolts.
The old pump was a genuine Facet, been there for 5 years.
I had a brand new non-genuine facet on the shelf but that just did not fire up.
New genuine Facet procured via fleabay plus a new inline filter.
Made up an inverted bridge piece (stainless) to mount the pump on, fixed to both sides of the tunnel, captive nuts tack welded to the inside for easy fitting, pump bolted in the bridge with easy access for removal.
Edith is now back on the road and running better than ever. There must have been reduced flow from the old pump for a while as I had noticed needing more choke on start up for shopping trips.
Sorry, no pictures, wanted to get tit running!

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Re: Petrol Pump Failure.

Post by peakrock » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:05 am

Glad you got it sorted ok Tony and you raise an interesting point about serviceability in a completed Triking. When I built my Type 2 I put the filter after the fuel pump behind the steering rack so it was accessible but things like the fuel pressure regulator are in the v shaped part of the tunnel so not easy to get at.

On the current Type 3 build I'm going to make everything easier to get at and am considering running brake pipes and wiring inside the cockpit though I think I'll leave the fuel lines inside the tunnel for safey reasons...


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Re: Petrol Pump Failure.

Post by Doverhay » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:56 pm

Maybe I ought to get a new pump ready, mine is 6 years old and done more than 30,000 miles so could be on its way out🤔

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Re: Petrol Pump Failure.

Post by steveO » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:20 pm

On my type 1 the SU pump is some 34 years old so probably should carry or install a Facet in parallel so pipes can be easily switched over. Takes hours to get a tow truck up in the mountains around here.
Carrying a spare distributer wont help if no petrol.

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