A Triking has a new home

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A Triking has a new home

Post by andym » Sun May 31, 2020 8:27 pm

Hi folks,
Some of you will remember me from the brilliant event last year in Yorkshire. I had plans to build a Triking, so for me the event was intended as a fact finding mission, and the trip in Paul's Triking was an unexpected bonus. With his being LHD, it confirmed that I might just be able to squeeze into a Type 2 or 3!
I had booked up for the event this year at Buxton to hopefully help decide which model to build, but of course outside influences stepped in.
So what's changed........well to cut the story short, I am the proud new owner of the Silver Triking that Alan had listed on behalf of the previous owner.......and I'm very happy!!
I had my first drives today, just a couple of short runs to get my eye in. I was probably slowing the local traffic as the whole experience gives a false impression of speed, but it was simply great fun (but I guess you know this already). The clutch take up is completely different and I stalled rather too many times for comfort, but I'm confident of getting there.
Maybe I will get to build one as a retirement project (possibly a Type 4), but I didn't want to risk a lengthy ongoing build that meant I would be missing the fun that I have had a taste of today, hence the decision to go for a built example.
I'd also like to give a massive 'thank you' to Alan at Triking for all his help and advice in making Triking ownership a reality.

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Re: A Triking has a new home

Post by westendguzzi » Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:00 am

Congratulations Andy. Great choice with the Silver Machine.
You don't have to accept everything as is.
To help with the stalling problem, you could reduce the leverage on the clutch pedal by drilling another hole in the arm that pulls the cable 1/2" closer to the fulchrum.
That will soften up the feel when letting the pedal out.
Good luck.

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Re: A Triking has a new home

Post by DMagee » Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:34 am

Well done Andy and wishing you many happy and safe miles ahead.
I am at the beginning of my search and am continuing to enjoy my current trike but looking for that illusive Triking. I don't really want to do another build due to other commitments, but would if it was my only option. I really need a visit to the factory to assess my next move!!! I have the cash waiting, just looking for something to spend it on😁
Stay safe, David

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Re: A Triking has a new home

Post by Richard and Pat » Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:51 am

Well done Andy, I took the same route and do not regret it especially as I am now building a T3. All power to your elbow and look forward to being in your rear view as we tour your part of the world as soon as it is possible.

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