TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by EricStarmer » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:22 pm

Maybe someone could identify the people in this photo, so I can connect faces to some of the people posting on here - the evidence will not be used against you :)

Richard and Pat
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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by Richard and Pat » Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:23 pm

Nicki, Bob, Tony D, Richard S, David Q, Richard Doverhay, hidden, Paul W, Alan Triking, Jurgen, Dieter, Joanna.

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by bobsmith49a » Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:00 pm

A very well done to Roger and Debs for organising such a marvellous weekend. I must say that FL 16 has never climbed so many steep inclines or dropped down so many sharp bends in its life. I have to say that doing this in 25m visibility with no lights added to the experience.

Excellent hotel choice and good food. Will have to come back some day to see where we actually went on the routes.

Look forward to seeing where we go to next year!

Bob and Anne

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by EricStarmer » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:47 pm

Thanks, Richard for putting names to the faces !

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by westendguzzi » Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:34 am

And on the ladies line up, Pat, Lorraine, Carol, Christine and Myra.

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by Alanla » Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:04 am

Thankyou to Debs and Roger for a great weekend, the biscuits are very yummy we haven't started on the booby prize yet x It was so lovely to see everyone looking forward to the next one , must practice my navigation skills :lol: love Nicki and Alan xx

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by Roger » Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:42 pm

Thank you to everyone who came to Yorkshire for Trikings in Yorkshire a number of days later we are just about getting back to normal. We tried to make it an event for everybody to enjoy, congratulations to Paul and Chris for the best navigation and answers, to Stephen and Joanna for the best section points scored, and to Myra for the Lady travelling the furthest in a Triking to the event and of course to Alan and Nicki for your winning the booby prize !! Thanks to our quizmaster. Richard for an i nsight to our founder It WA's hard work, but great fun to organise, Roger and Debs

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by Musselermark » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:33 am

Just back from our week in Yorkshire. The weeks weather struggled to improve over last weekend. Thanks to Roger and Debs in their attempt to provide an enjoyable weekend for Trikingista.
We did manage to complete a lap of St. Olivers Mount road race circuit, also got filmed for Yesterday's channel programme 'Bangers and Cash' while visiting Mathewsons in Thornton le Dale.

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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by Doverhay » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:20 pm

Just back from the Triking meet and holiday in Goathland, although the weather wasn’t to kind to us all it was still a great meet and holiday. The hotel Roger and Debs allocated for us was fantastic and seeing 16 cars running out across the moors was magic to watch and to be a part of.
We did manage to drive the routes Roger and Debs selected again when the weather improved and they are amazing and although I’ve driven them on previous holidays I still find them incredible with views to match.
Again thanks to Roger and Debs for their hard work and I can only hope Roger will soon finish his Triking build so he too can get out there and enjoy the roads in his back yard; however I guess he’s has experienced most of them in the Morgan.
We managed to drive around 1350 miles in little over a week and enjoyed every one of them.
One of the best part of these Triking meets is catching up with all the friends we’ve made during our ownership of our Triking, long may it continue.
Richard and Myra (Doverhay)

Richard and Pat
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Re: TRIKINGS in Yorkshire 2019

Post by Richard and Pat » Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:56 pm

We are finally back and up to date from a really good week in North Yorkshire having stayed on to sample the delights on offer after the Triking Rally put on by Roger and Debs. I felt for them with the weather being as it was. However never in my eight years of attending have I seen a full house [sixteen cars] prepare for and set off in the rain to the first mystery destination which turned out to be the Lion Inn right up on top of the moors. This, as you may know, is often cut off from the outside world and we nearly were too. We arrived in the light rain and mist to consume our lunch in the warm and inviting dining room. Later arrivals were soaked as the weather changed dramatically outside as we would discover later. Good choice by Roger and Debs on the venue and food and had the weather been at all kind, the views too as we saw later in the week.

Before we could join in the second run back to the main hotel a message was passed that Paul Williams had lost his clutch [that is as in the engine gearbox interface not the small bag he sometimes carries!] So Pat and I departed on our own mystery tour back to the hotel courtesy of Richard French’s sat nav [thank heavens] first to collect our trailer and tow car and then Paul from the Subway we had passed half way round the morning run. Pat and I set off into the murkiest murk I have experienced since the clean air act came into force. With no wipers to wipe, the fog, rain and mist reducing visibility on Moorland roads to less than two Triking lengths at times, we set off at the pace of Snails to rescue Paul. Cue dramatic music.

I am pleased to report he has now recovered from his overdose of Coffee and buns in the Subway food stop. As an adjunct to that tale there were several acts of Triking support to mention. Firstly Paul’s friend with the Triumph 2000 estate went to support Paul at the aforementioned sandwich bar and subsequently towed our trailer to his storage barn a few miles away. Then after the rally was over Jurgen and Dieter having driven home to Germany in their Triking promptly loaded up their tin top and trailer and set off back again to the moors to collect Paul’s car and take it to Axel’s workshop at home in Germany. Wow!

The evening dinner went well with the speeches and awards presented; Richard French won The Triking Pilot’s Challenge for a second year, Eric the International award. [It’s in the post Eric, or will be as soon as I finish it.] Mention too must be made of the Magic tricks performed again by Guy Abracadabra Greaves and the ‘Four Bits’ in a bag challenge set by Alan and sewn into the thickest bags imaginable by Nicki. This was such a hoot and went on so long only one round of quiz questions was necessary and this on the character that was Tony Divey.

For our Sunday run activity Roger and Debs had diligently worked out another mystery tour and again those who had as yet not gone home lined up to take part in the run no doubt as a result of a promise of some improvement in the weather, after all runs are what we came for. Indeed it did prove to be an excellent trip through the moors and surrounding districts where the venue turned out to be quite a big affair at the Aircraft museum with added interest of vintage vehicles and several other attractions. The entry queue was swollen very quickly with the arrival of so many Trikings much confusion reigned on the part of other people trying to get in. Consequently the small roundabout outside the venue became very busy, the bustle only added to by a couple of heated tin top visitors barging through. Several Trikings peeled off at this point either to start the long journey home, fix clutches or preferring to take in the brightening surroundings with more driving on the moors. In future however I will be informing the host on the day as to my preferences prior to the off.

All in all an excellent starter for a super week with friends and only being confined to base on the Wednesday meant we had a good dose of the North York moors. Driving round the Oliver’s Mount track followed by coffee and biscuits and visiting the museum at Mathewson’s auctions in Thornton le Dale were just a couple of many highlights. Whilst at the auction centre we met the Owner and were invited to be interviewed for the next series of broadcasts.

Have you cleaned your car yet? We noticed the Aluminium staining and realised that the salt piles at the side of the road were being diluted by the rain and running across our path subsequently staining wheels, hubs and engine covers. Not something one expects in the height of summer perhaps.

All in all we met up with our Triking friends, ate some good food, visited new places, had some good driving and I experienced serious rain driving for the first time in my eight years of ownership. No wipers so thank you Richard & Myra for the squeegee. See you all again next year.

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