September Colmworth 2021

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September Colmworth 2021

Post by westendguzzi » Sun Sep 05, 2021 3:35 pm

How's that for parking.
Random arrival.
Red White Blue.
Type 1 2 3.
Fantastic turn-out of classic and vintage cars and bikes.

Richard and Pat
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Re: September Colmworth 2021

Post by Richard and Pat » Sun Sep 05, 2021 4:22 pm

It was a good turnout today and good weather too.
Picture here: Pat and Carol in the cars: Stuart and Pip's Red Type 1, Type 2 Squeaker in Aircraft Grey but looking for all the World like White and Tony and Carol's Type 3.
I nearly didn't make it though. Went to start Squeaker and the battery was too low. I had been using Guzzi diag. [I say using I mean getting extremely frustrated with it's spasmodic working and varying degrees of instruction at a very base level] in this case only to read in order to compare and did not adhered to the advice to use a separate battery.
A jump start with a second set of leads got us on our way.
I was surprised by the jump leads, quite thin, from Pat's car did not work although brand new. I began to think there wasn't a decent battery in the place but when I used the leads I carry then all went well.
Wonderful trip and good to see a number of friends again some not seen for nearly two years. Roll on October.
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