Rear Mudguard Mounting

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Rear Mudguard Mounting

Post by SIG 4643 » Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:16 am

Mounting a Rear Mudguard.

There are two options for mounting a rear mudguard : Fixed to the chassis or fixed to the swinging arm. I decided to go with the second option, as having the mudguard close to the tyre, would improve it’s chances of containing spray.

A double wheeled trailer mudguard was purchased from Alan and one of the curved ends cut off. 2mm stainless sheet plate was used to extend it and U bolts used to attach the plate to the swinging arm cross member.

To ensure some rigidity to this structure, I bolted and bonded 25mm x 4 mm alloy strips on either side of the mudguard. ( Clearance to the tyre is minimal so countersunk screws were used) These strips ran vertically down and were bolted onto short (50mm) links which were attached to the lower shock absorber mounts. Fitting these short links was not straight forward, as the fuel tank and tool box had to be unbolted and supported while the links were attached, as clearance was too tight to remove the shock absorber bolts.

The clearance between the mudguard and the shock absorber springs was quite tight so the side of the mudguard was relieved in this area.

The mudguard is very effective and can be easily removed by unbolting the links and the U bolts.

To further contain the spray I glued a horizontal profile of 10mm foam rubber about halfway up inside of the rear fibreglass. I found it easiest to use spots of superglue to hold it in place and then to run a bead of P.U. round the joint. Clearance between this foam and the wheel was kept quite tight on the basis that the foam would be rubbed away if there was any contact.

For a source of suitable foam rubber, look no further than your partner’s yoga mat!


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Re: Rear Mudguard Mounting

Post by Berglind » Mon Feb 24, 2020 7:08 am

Thank you for the pictures!

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