T3 v T4

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T3 v T4

Post by Doverhay » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:16 pm

Had the pleasure of driving a T4 today belonging to Mark Gallagher, what a lovely car to drive. Mark let me drive his T4 a few miles around the lanes I drive my T3. The first thing that is noticeable is of course is the cockpit size over the my T3, but once driving you soon became used to this and started to enjoy the more up to date engine and gearbox. The new suspension and wider track is certainly noticeable over the earlier Triking’s; however, Alan has updated the suspension for the T2 and T3’s and is available as a retro fit and I’ve fitted that to my T3 and is money well spent. After the drive in the T4 we took my T3 out to get a feel of the differences. The extra power of the Quattro valve engine was noticeable, the slick gear change was greatly noticed and something I really liked over the “brick in the bucket” gear change on the early Guzzi gearboxes. Being someone that is vertically challenged I prefer the snug fitting of the T3; however, I do feel the running gear of the later Moto Guzzi bikes is very well engineered into the new T4 and certainly gives Triking a wider customer appeal, it’s a great drive, loved it.
If I could ever let go of my Self build T3, I would ask Alan to build me a T3.5, a T3 body modified to take the T4 running gear, may be one day🤔. The T4 is a great car, we’ll done Alan. 👍
Thanks Mark for the test drive, hope you enjoyed your drive in my T3.

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Re: T3 v T4

Post by MarkG » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:59 pm

Glad that you liked the T4. I really enjoyed driving your T3.

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Re: T3 v T4

Post by peakrock » Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:58 pm

Interesting read and having driven a Type 4 too I agree with the comments. So far my Type 3 build has Type 4 pedal box, Tye 4 front suspension including hubs and wheels and Type 4 collapsible steering column. Personally, I prefer the appearance of the original Guzzi engine and I too, like the snugness of the Type 3 cockpit! Maybe Alan needs to release a Type 3.5... :D


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